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::: Supernatural Icon Challenge

Supernatural Icon Challenge
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Supernatural Icon Challenge

Welcome to Supernatural Icon Challenge. Tired of standart challenges or LIMS? Supernatural Icon is your anwser!
How Supernatural Icon Challenge works?

-> The duration of each challenge is of 6 weeks;
-> Every week a picture Supernatural related will be posted and the contestants will have 5 days to enter a icon per round of challenge;
-> There's no ELEMINATION. People that doesn't enter the round, won't get points. The ones who enter, will get 2 points. First placement will get 5 points; Second placement 3 and third placement 1. Every week banners for said placements will be posted. At the end of the 6 weeks, the constestant who has more points will win the challege;
-> After posting the results, we'll unscreen the entries, so you will be able to see who entered what in case you want to use the icon giving the proper credit.
-> Pimp the Comunity and you will win a point. Drop me a line HERE if you do. Attention: The maxim of points you can get pimping is 3.
The Rules

001. JOIN the community, so you can't miss rounds, reminders and other stuff;
002. Then SIGN UP. You can sign up until the voting for the first round of each challenge goes up! When signing up, you must put "I lost my shoe" in the SUBJECT, so we'll know you read the rules;
003. So voting's up. In the voting post, vote for two icons you jugde that are the worst ones. We'll ask you for tecnical reasons for your choices;
004. On the Results posts, if a contestant wishes to know the comments he/she got for her/his icon, He/she must comment and we'll replay her/his comment in screened form. If you don't get a e-mail with it, e-mail us. Twistedlaletz[at]gmail[dot]com;
005. Your icon must remain anonymous until the results are up. If we see your icon anywhere else, you'll be DISQUALIFIED immediately;
006. You can only use the image we give you. Stock photos, textures and brushes are allowed;
007. Your icon must fit the LJ Standard (no larger than 100x100, smaller size than 40kb). Also, you MUST use this format to enter:



-> Monday morning: New round will be posted;
-> Wednesday: Reminder will be posted;
-> Saturday morning: Voting will be posted;
-> Sunday night: Voting will be closed.
-> Monday morning: Results will be posted.
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